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Website Facelift

The website is not nearly as flashy and professional-looking as I’d like it to be, but I’m still happy about this change. We’re going to be using the forums again for the Spheres of Might playtest, so get ready to see much more activity out of this site from hereon in!

Christmas Flash Sale!

We’ve found a few extra softcover copies of Spheres of Power! And to celebrate we’re offering a flash sale just in time for Christmas. Buy now to get 20% off, plus free priority shipping. Order by Monday December 21st at 8:00 am PST for Christmas delivery (**unless there are postal delays**). Sale ends Christmas Eve at 11 pm PST.

Spheres of Power Softcover, plus free priority shipping: $32

**US only**
Sale Over

Greater Rogue Glory

Through a bizaare sequence of events including a dedicated layout person who wants to redo her old work and freelancers popping up at the exact right time, we’re going to be upgrading Rogue Glory.

We’re going to be giving it a new layout, new artwork, and expanded, updated content including new hybrid classes and integration with bot SoP and Pathfinder Unchained. This is not an update to the PDF; we’ll be discontinuing the old version and replacing it with the new $15 PDF and a new printed book. People who already have the old PDF can get an upgrade to the new version with a $5 tier.

This isn’t a kickstarter in any traditional sense; we’ve got a funding goal of 11 days, after which we hire the artists and have the whole thing out to people by Christmas, just in time to add to any Skybourne shipments that will be arriving at the same time.

Gen Con Bound

This is just a short update to say that while DDS won’t have an official booth at Gen Con this year, we will be in attendance. To everyone heading down to Indianapolis right now, safe trip and enjoy the Con!

Contest Voting!

From now until Saturday, we will hold open voting on the submitted worlds. Take a look over the entries and cast your vote here:

The entries are:




and Alsaria

Thank you to everyone who submitted a world!

Spheres of Power World Building Semi-Contest!

Official Announcement: The Spheres of Power worldbuilding semi-contest has begun!

One of the goals of Spheres of Power was to let GMs and players step out of the pre-determined molds and make something new. We have an entire chapter in SoP about this full of sample worlds, sample organizations, and sample characters built with the system.

Now that the system has been out for a while, we want to see what you’ve made with it! From now until June 6th we invite everyone who wants to enter to post a link to their creations to our facebook page. On June 6th we’ll hold a general vote, and the one who posted the best work wins one book of their choice (Spheres of Power, Wizard’s Academy, a Skybourne book, etc.). Entries should be complete worlds: descriptions, casting traditions, NPCs, incantations, spellcraftings, and anything else they want to include (see SoP chapter 7 for examples, longer is not necessarily better, and no entry over 10,000 words will be considered).

While they won’t be part of the official contest, we also invite anyone who wants to to post up any awesome creation they’ve made to the facebook page, even if it isn’t a complete world: favorite NPCs, their character’s spellcrafting repertoire, casting traditions, organizations, or whatever else they want to show off. Even if it doesn’t enter them into the contest, their work will still be considered for the PDF (see below).

I’m calling this a semi-contest because while it is a contest with a prize and everything, we’re also planning to paying you. The winner and any runner’s up judged to be of sufficient quality (although honestly page-count will be more of a deciding factor than anything else) will get the offer to have their creation written up and included in a PDF titled “Worlds of Power”. We pay 2.5 cents per word for anything used, and will be considering worlds and any independent creations we want to include.

As always, we reserve the right to disqualify and delete any entry, such as if it involves plagiarism or anything that would make it too inappropriate for the Pathfinder Compatibility License. Artwork is fine and can certainly enhance an entry, but unless you own the rights to the artwork in question it cannot be considered for use in the final PDF itself.

Spheres of Power Updated

We’ve updated Spheres of Power; this update should be live on RPG Drivethru, and will shortly go live on Paizo and

The most obvious part of this update is the inclusion of the Magic Items chapter, which we are eager to hear your feedback on. A few other important components to the update:

  • Destruction: The base damage form of the Destruction sphere has changed to bludgeoning, with force being available for a talent and a spell point. A few other talents have been adjusted as well.
  • Conjuration: We’ve been getting nothing but love for the Conjuration sphere from players, but some balance issues were cropping up with particularly dedicated summoners. As such, companions now only gain 1 (form) talent for free, and the cost of summoning has increased (1 spell point to summon, 1 spell point to stay without concentration, and 1 more spell point to increase the duration to 1 hour per caster level / 1 full day).
  • Armorist: Some balance adjustments have been made to the armorist, as well as some updates to bound staves in light of the new magic item creation rules.
  • PayPal is now live!

    Spheres of Power has taken off more than we’d hoped, and at the rate we’re smashing stretch goals it’s getting even better. If you can’t back it via Kickstarter, then please use the PayPal option located on the kickstarter’s homepage under “PayPal”.

    Thanks for helping us make Spheres of Power awesome!