Greater Rogue Glory

Through a bizaare sequence of events including a dedicated layout person who wants to redo her old work and freelancers popping up at the exact right time, we’re going to be upgrading Rogue Glory.

We’re going to be giving it a new layout, new artwork, and expanded, updated content including new hybrid classes and integration with bot SoP and Pathfinder Unchained. This is not an update to the PDF; we’ll be discontinuing the old version and replacing it with the new $15 PDF and a new printed book. People who already have the old PDF can get an upgrade to the new version with a $5 tier.

This isn’t a kickstarter in any traditional sense; we’ve got a funding goal of 11 days, after which we hire the artists and have the whole thing out to people by Christmas, just in time to add to any Skybourne shipments that will be arriving at the same time.