Spheres of Power Eratta

Multiple: In all classes that say a character gains a magic talent every time thy gain a caster level, the line “this does not stack with caster levels gained from other sources” should be added.

Pg. iv: ‘Angel Tarragon’ should be listed after ‘Andreas Turriff’ in the Ultimate Collector listing.

Pg. vii: ‘Protection Talents’ should be listed in the table of contents under ‘Advanced Talents’.

Basics: There should be a line stating that, unlike with vancian magic, it is possible to cast a sphere ability while already concentrating on another, so long as the concentration and the casting use different actions.’

Pg. 21: The Darkness effect Step Through Darkness should state: “You may spend a spell point t grant the target and up to a heavy load of carried equipment the ability to step into one patch of darkness and emerge in another.”

Pg. 24: The Destruction Sphere ability destructive blast should specify a ranged destructive blast counts as a ray attack.

Pg. 28: The Divination Sphere talent ‘Divine Future’ should state that it can also apply to Initiative rolls.

Pg. 32: The Fate Sphere talent ‘Divine Force’ should state that it is an instantaneous effect.

Pg. 38: The Light Sphere base ability ‘glow’ should state it has a range of Medium.

glow should include the following line: “When you apply a glow effect to a target, you may cause the target to produce bright light as part of the same action. Otherwise, it requires a standard action.”

The Light Sphere talent ‘Bound Light’ should state that it costs an additional spell point to use.

Pg. 47: The Nature Sphere talent ‘Wave’ should state that the wave created is 5 ft wide. The width may be doubled by halving the length. This may be done multiple times, but the length cannot become smaller than 5 ft. A target cannot be pushed back further than the wave’s length.

pg. 49: Healing Aegis should not cost a spell point to use.

Pg. 50: The first sentence after ‘Bludgeon’ should read as thus: “Once per turn when lifting an object with telekinesis, you can spend its remaining movement to strike a creature or object within its square.”

Pg. 53: Shift Time should state: “A creature cannot benefit from Shift Time more than once per round.”

pg. 66: “Defiant” should not be on the list of armor and shield qualities the armorist can grant to their bound and summoned equipment.

Pg. 71-73: All Eliciter emotions should be (Su) rather than (Sp).

Px. 72: The Emnity Eliciter emotion minor power should list ‘this is usable a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.’

pg. 75-76: The Fey Adept’s Create Reality (companion) ability should state a companion gains 1 (form) talent as is normal for companions, not 2 (form) talents.

Pg. 78: Fetish should be listed as a general secret, not a tradition secret.

pg. 81: The Hedgewitch’s list of secrets should include the following:

Amateur Academic

You gain the academia tradition benefit. You count as possessing the academia tradition when qualifying for secrets. You cannot select this secret if you already possess the academia tradition.

pg. 101: The Soul Weaver class should gain 3+ Cha modifier uses per day instead of 1+ Cha modifier uses per day for both Channel Energy and the total number of souls it may summon via its Bound Nexus.

pg. 108: The Thaumaturge’s invocation ability should state: “Using an invocation is a free action that may be taken even when it isn’t the Thaumaturge’s turn.”

pg. 110: For the Sphere Druid Archetype, the recommended casting tradition should read as follows:

Recommended Casting Tradition: The classic feel of the druid can be recreated through taking the verbal casting, prepared caster, and animal shaman (Mind) drawbacks.

The Sphere Wizard archetype should specify that it uses wizard levels as incanter levels.

pg. 121: When using Summon Spirit to add a spirit component to an undead creature, it should say the spirit loses at least 1 level per CR of its new form.

Pg. 123: Bestow Life’s first paragraph after “This ability may manifest in one of the following ways:” should read:

You transform a tree or inanimate object into an intligent animated object, granting it the benefits of your animate object and bestow intelligence enhancements. The target’s type changes to plant (if a tree), or construct (if an object).

Pg. 123: True Seeing should be listed as a (sense) talent. The first line should read “You may spend 2 spell points to gain the ability to see all things as they actually are…” language throughout the talents should be changed to reflect it cannot be given to anyone other than the caster.

Reverse Gravity should state it affects 1 10-ft cube per caster level, not 10 cubic ft per caster level.

pg. 149 (?): Circle Casting should specify that the bonus granted does not increase with effect that increase the benefits of the aid another action.

Pg. 149-150: Counterspell and its subsequent feats should have ‘MSB’ as their prerequisite, not ‘caster level’.

Pg. 152: The Master of Cosmos feat should state: “Your companions gain a circumstance bonus to attack rolls and skill checks equal to your forbidden lore bonus.”

Pg. 155: The monastic tradition should have ‘protected soul’, rather than ‘limited protection’ as a drawback.

Pg. 161: The Overcharge boon should state: “Creatures immune to fatigue cannot benefit from this boon.”

pg. 166: Conjuration should state this companion does not begin with a (form) talent.