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Fantastical Creatures & How to Survive Them

Fantastical Creatures & How to Survive Them

NOTE: This book contains information already present in the volume Wizard's Academy, and is presented here separately for players and others who wish to gain the bestiary without buying the full Wizard's Academy adventure.


Within these pages, famed Windfell graduate Winterlynn Graysun reveals her secrets and tactics for dealing with the many magical creatures that inhabit the world of Windfell Academy!


Designed for use alongside the Spheres of Power magic system, FANTASTICAL CREATURES & HOW TO SURVIVE THEM details over 100 creatures including original monsters as well as adaptations of popular fantasy monsters to the Spheres of Power system.


This volume is designed for use with the Wizard’s Academy adventure module, but may be quickly and easily adapted for use in any home campaign.

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