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About Drop Dead Studios

Welcome to a world of death-defying action and larger-than-life heroes! Here at Drop Dead Studios we're always working on new projects, and there's quite a few options available for those looking for more fun at their gaming tables.

The Spheres System: Our flagship project, the Sphere system is a new approach to character creation, magic, combat, and everything else that makes fantasy roleplay something we come back to again and again. The Spheres system is a concept-based approach to magic and martial power that gives both players and GMs the ability to craft both characters and entire settings around a concept, adjusting magic and martial prowess to fit the concept rather than requiring them to fit their concept to the presented rules. Highly modular and easily adaptable, the Spheres system is available for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game 1st edition, with translations to other systems coming soon. Learn more about the Spheres System.

Skybourne Campaign Setting: Skybourne is a campaign setting built upon exploration, sky piracy, and a great struggle between Law and Chaos that threatens to destroy the new world as readily as it did the old. In Skybourne the older civilizations have fallen to the world-consuming Forest, with survivors only to be found in the water, the extreme locations of mountain, desert, or tundra where not even the Forest could reach, or through lifting pieces of land into the sky to float endlessly over the green sea. Today adventuring crews sail the skies to delve the ruins of the old world as vast new powers rise, each one hoping it will be the one to shape the new world. Built for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game 1st edition, we are working to port this setting to 5th Edition, Pathfinder 2e, and more. Learn more about the Skybourne Campaign Setting.


Monthly Handbooks: Through Patreon, we have been expanding the Spheres system with new handbooks every month. These handbooks are filled with talents, archetypes, optional rules, monsters, and other character options that greatly expand what kinds of characters are possible to play at the table, be they martial, magical, or both. These handbooks average 30-40 pages each, with cover art by Gennifer Bone, Wildersurge, and others. Become a handbook patron.

Kickstarter: Drop Dead Studios was begun through a successful kickstarter campaign, and to this day we still use crowdfunding to support our major releases, including new Spheres systems, the Skybourne Campaign Setting, and more. If you want to know when we launch a new crowdfunding project, you can follow us on Kickstarter.

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