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Skybourne Campaign Setting

"I have become the destroyer of worlds."

Skybourne is a broken world, where a sentient forest has claimed most of the land, leaving only the deserts, high mountains, and the skies as places where mortals can find safety. With the lands unfit to live, it is on the decks of airships that adventurers must make their fortunes, delving the ruins of the old world and trying to return to their homes in one piece to collect the rewards for their daring.


Skybourne is a world where the battles of Law and Chaos are equally as important as those of Good and Evil, as the few remnants of civilization battle with the chaotic Forest and its worshipers for control of the world. It is a world where adventurers aren't just dungeon delvers, but are tight-nit crews who must sail the skies in search of fortune. The most adventurous might even brave the maelstrom that surrounds the planet, unlocking the path to visiting other worlds and planes of existence, if they can survive the journey.


The Skybourne campaign setting includes the Player's Guide to Skybourne, as well as Ships of Skybourne, which details all manner of vehicles, Woodfaring Adventures, which gives GMs information of building Forest-centric dungeon delves, and Andrus: The City of Men, which serves as the last true bastion of civilization and the most likely home for any adventurer hoping to make it big in the rebuilding world.

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