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The Bear Sphere

The Bear Sphere

(Released April 1st)


Behold the Bear!

The Bear Sphere is an impawsible creation: the majesty and power of the bear distilled into a playable form for your Pathfinder table.


To be honest, you probably shouldn’t use this sphere. Despite years of game development experience, nothing could have koalafi ed us to handle a topic as awe-inspiring as bear magic. Grizzly old mages shy away from it in fear, druids bearly have the courage to acknowledge it exists, and clerics paws before enticing their patron deities for its unfathomable power.


But if you’re still reading this, then I can only assume you have looked upon the ursome power of bear magic and still desire it for yourself. So come fellow traveler, and witness the beary best that can be found. Behold the fursome strength that can be yours.

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