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Vigilante's of Skybourne

Vigilante's of Skybourne

In the skies above the great Forest, many adventurers hide their true identities behind masks. Some are pirates hunting treasure, some are saviors protecting the weak, and some are simply renegades, seeking their fortune however they see fit. 


‘Vigilantes of Skybourne’ is a book of expansion options for the Vigilante base class. Within these pages are new options for those seeking to lead a double-life, including:


  • Enigma Specialization : (Requires Spheres of Power) Rather than specializing in stealth strikes or upfront combat, your vigilante can now specialize in strange powers such as eye beams, weather control, or bodily transformations.
  • New Archetypes: Not only does this book contain new vigilante archetypes such as the Masked Duelist, the Sky Marine, the Uncanny Archer, and the Possessed, but it also contains the Beast Tamer luchador, the Swordsmith fighter, the Mutator alchemist, and more!
  • Prestige Classes: The Hellsworn who sold his soul, and the Shrouded Captain who leads his crew to fame and fortune.
  • Expanded Race Support: Favored class bonuses and racial archetypes for the tatulani, the cherufe, the quazaj, and more!
  • New Talents: New social and vigilante talents that greatly expand vigilante options!
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