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Spheres of Might

Spheres of Might is the martial companion to Spheres of Power, and uses many of the same mechanics to allow for a sphere-based approach to character design. However, instead of simply providing new tools, Spheres of Might changes the way combat works by introducing more cinematic, tactic-based combat.

Spheres of Might requires no changes to how you run combats; all of its rules can be laid on top of the current rules in a way that neither conflicts nor invalidates anyone who is not using the system. Instead, practitioners of the system gain a small number of new mechanics they have access to, including martial focus, the battered condition (reflecting someone who is being pounded on and is incapable of fully defending themselves) and new special attack actions they can use to better manipulate the flow of combat.

Whether you are an old hand at tabletop RPGs looking to have some new fun, or are new to the medium and want to explore what types of adventures you can have, Spheres of Might is a great addition to any gaming table.

Available at our Drivehthru RPGOpen Gaming, and Paizo​ storefronts.

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