PayPal is now live!

Spheres of Power has taken off more than we’d hoped, and at the rate we’re smashing stretch goals it’s getting even better. If you can’t back it via Kickstarter, then please use the PayPal option located on the kickstarter’s homepage

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Kickstarter for Spheres of Power is live!

So we’ve officially launched our next kickstarter, ‘Spheres of Power’! A completely new magic system, we’re aiming to give something new to everyone who’s ever wanted to explore new worlds beyond the Vancian magic system Pathfinder embraces (not that Vancian

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Sale and a Kickstarter

Drop Dead Studios is going to be running a new kickstarter in August, and to celebrate, we’ve put everything up half off! The kickstarter itself is for our upcoming source book: Spheres of Power. A brand-spanking new magic system that,

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Summer Blitz Complete!

Drop Dead Studios has just finished its summer class blitz! We debuted six new classes this summer: The Vauntguard, The Dilettante, The War Dancer, The Channeler, The Spiritualist, and The Aspect. These classes bring a diverse set of skills and

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