Spheres of Power Updated

We’ve updated Spheres of Power; this update should be live on RPG Drivethru, and will shortly go live on Paizo and d20pfsrd.com.

The most obvious part of this update is the inclusion of the Magic Items chapter, which we are eager to hear your feedback on. A few other important components to the update:

  • Destruction: The base damage form of the Destruction sphere has changed to bludgeoning, with force being available for a talent and a spell point. A few other talents have been adjusted as well.
  • Conjuration: We’ve been getting nothing but love for the Conjuration sphere from players, but some balance issues were cropping up with particularly dedicated summoners. As such, companions now only gain 1 (form) talent for free, and the cost of summoning has increased (1 spell point to summon, 1 spell point to stay without concentration, and 1 more spell point to increase the duration to 1 hour per caster level / 1 full day).
  • Armorist: Some balance adjustments have been made to the armorist, as well as some updates to bound staves in light of the new magic item creation rules.
  • PayPal is now live!

    Spheres of Power has taken off more than we’d hoped, and at the rate we’re smashing stretch goals it’s getting even better. If you can’t back it via Kickstarter, then please use the PayPal option located on the kickstarter’s homepage under “PayPal”.

    Thanks for helping us make Spheres of Power awesome!

    Kickstarter for Spheres of Power is live!

    So we’ve officially launched our next kickstarter, ‘Spheres of Power’! A completely new magic system, we’re aiming to give something new to everyone who’s ever wanted to explore new worlds beyond the Vancian magic system Pathfinder embraces (not that Vancian magic is bad, but we’re a 3rd party publisher, aren’t we? It’s our job to explore new ways of doing things, in hopes of making a great game even better.

    Spheres of Power, an explanation using slides and stick figures

    The kickstarter is officially live here, so stop by and let’s see if we can make something amazing together.



    Sale and a Kickstarter

    Drop Dead Studios is going to be running a new kickstarter in August, and to celebrate, we’ve put everything up half off!

    The kickstarter itself is for our upcoming source book: Spheres of Power. A brand-spanking new magic system that, rather than finding a new way to access the old system (spell slots, spells per day, spells by level,) redoes everything from the ground up. For those people who’ve ever wanted to do away with the divine/arcane divide or spell per day limits, to rebalance spellcasters, or who just wants something new after years of gaming.

    We’ll have more info up at a later time, but until then just enjoy the sale and watch here for more information.

    Summer Blitz Complete!

    Drop Dead Studios has just finished its summer class blitz! We debuted six new classes this summer: The Vauntguard, The Dilettante, The War Dancer, The Channeler, The Spiritualist, and The Aspect. These classes bring a diverse set of skills and abilities to your gaming table with a fresh take on your character’s build.

    Head to one of our retailers (d20pfsrdRPGNow, or Paizo) to view or buy the new classes. Buy one, two, or all six! Check back soon for bundle purchase coupons!

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